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ASIAN ADVENTURES with 2018 Editorial Winner Chloe V DAY 1

DAY ONE… and before I had even arrived at the airport to check-in I received a text from Top Model telling me they had booked me in to the ‘Executive Lounge’ at Terminal 4 Heathrow. I never knew airports had ‘Executive Lounges’! Well, they do and they are gorgeous! It would have been rude of me to turn down a free cocktail, so I sat back in the luxurious surroundings and enjoyed some Chloe time before the long flight. Soon enough, I was on board and sound asleep.

After a long 11 hour flight including a transfer in Shanghai, I arrived in Seoul, South Korea with more luggage than a small family and was greeted by a chauffeur holding a large sign ‘CHLOE UNITED KINGDOM’. Proudly wearing my Top Model 2018 Editorial Winners Sash and my Top Model t-shirt… this Essex Girl was feeling PROPER VIP. I arrived at the hotel at around 11pm Korean time (+6 Hours from UK), met my lovely Dutch room mate and hit the pillow. After only three hours I was wide awake with jet-lag and starving hungry. The only think to eat was that essential travel snack – Toblerone. Beauty sleep is over rated anyway.

The Top Model competition experience and Editorial win has already changed my life. It has been simply amazing and the best thing I have ever done. Bring on the rest of the trip!

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  • Janet Laca Reply

    Wow Chloe..u seem to really be enjoying ur trip which is good. Have lots of fun gal and take lots of pictures..and get some touring in as well..good luck…and have fun

    May 1, 2018 at 12:17 pm

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