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ASIAN ADVENTURES with 2018 Editorial Winner Chloe V WEEK 2

Week Two in beautiful South Korea started off how Week One ended… with shows, shoots and more touring. I finally had a morning off so went shopping (as you do) and managed to find some Face Packs, so my skin is feeling lovely and refreshed. At least I assume they are Face Packs as it’s all in Korean!

The culture in Seoul and South Korea is amazing but it takes time to acclimatize. Also, for anyone who thinks this trip is all glamour… I’ve included a photo of me in my fave PJ’s cleaning my teeth in bottled water as we can’t drink the tap water. I’ve also included a pic of my Victoria Secret style outfit that I made and mentioned in my last entry. The plume is made of Peacock feathers and it’s very similar to the one I wore at the Top Model 2018 finals in April. Hope you like it?

On Sunday we visited the ‘Korean Disney’ theme park where I wore my Ball Gown again and my Top Model sash. 50,000+ people were expected to visit the park that day and I felt like I had met all of them by the end of it! It was a magical place and the little girls were looking at me as if I was a real princess. They were gorgeous! 5 hours in my highest heals and in the daytime heat was NOT fun though. In fact, my feet were so swollen that I had to have ‘Korean Shock Treatment’. Ouch.

We started the week off with a little house party and a karaoke session with the girls I’ve met and made friends with. The rest of the week was spent on rehearsals and preparations for the big international model competition on Friday. I made the national press AGAIN and came 4th of 34 in the competition!!!!

I am so blessed to be here representing Top Model and I keep having to pinch myself to make sure it’s real.

Big hugs and love from Asia. Chloe x

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