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From Top Model to British Vogue ~ A Models Journey

It’s 2010. I was a shy 15 year old girl lacking in confidence. My mum entered me into Top Model UK. She had failed to tell me this until a few weeks before my interview!

As you can imagine, I was a bag of nerves. I suffered with an eating disorder throughout my school years (mainly due to school bullies and pressure from the modern media) and my weight had dropped extremely low. My body wasn’t functioning the way it’s  supposed to and I needed to ‘find myself’ to be healthy again in body and mind.

I didn’t know much about the industry. I had so much to learn, not only about the world of fashion and modeling but also about myself.

The competition show finals and the build-up went very quick, but I wish it hadn’t. We had Coaching Sessions in January, giving us time to practice before the big weekend. We would walk with books on our heads for posture and repeatedly strut up-and-down a dance studio to nail our own ‘signature walk’. I met many women of all different ages, sizes and backgrounds, some of which I still class among my best friends, 8 years later. The whole Top Model experience, win or lose, is one I will never forget.

My first year modelling was difficult. I did the rounds to the agencies and had to push myself very hard. I ‘ve been very lucky to have had outstanding support from my family and friends and the team at Top Model. I knew that if ever I needed to get into London, my parents were there to help me on my way, pay a train fare, or even accompany me to jobs. This made me want to succeed even more.

In those early days there were lots of opportunities to do ‘time for print’ shoots or an unpaid runway shows but I learned very early on to only pick the most beneficial. To progress and learn and grow in my modelling career I knew I needed to put myself out there and nobody was going to hand it to me on a plate. I eventually signed with a London based agency, who started to book me on shoots and runway shows with companies and designers you could only dream of working with. The whole time, Top Model were on my side and the support I received from the team was unbelievable and incredibly humbling.

8 years later and Im still a part of Top Model. I’ve been Runway Coach, Mentor, Judge and VIP guest, and in 2014 received their Outstanding Achievemnt Award for my success since winning! It’s an incredible feeling knowing that I can give back and that I can join the new finalists on their Top Model journey.

My time with Top Model has presented me with many challenges, but also many experiences I’ll never forget. I was flown to Malta to shoot with designers at some incredible locations and have meet hundreds of people from the Top Model global family. I flew to Malta for a second time and also Northern Ireland to select winners from qualifying competitions to represent their countries in the Top Model Worldwide finals. Ive been Published in Vogue and walked season after season at London Fashion Week. The list is long.

Top Model gave me the confidence that I needed to help me become the confident woman that I am today and I will be forever grateful. Even if you only THINK you can do it… do it! xx


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